Friday, March 2, 2012


I finally bought a bracelet mandrel and have been playing around with it this week.
Being pretty new to metal smithing I wasn't exactly sure what mandrel I should go with. I ended up getting a stepped oval one. It has been fine, but I think I should have bought one that was not stepped. Oh well. I do like the oval shape though and am happy with that.

I also finally purchased a bit of real sterling silver. I could only afford a 3"x 3" square, a 6"x .25" piece, and I also bought some 8 and 10 gauge wire to make bangles and ring shanks out of. It's a shame it's so darn expensive! I have to say though-I REALLY like working with it! I also bought some 8 gauge copper wire which was sort of hard to hunt down.

Here are my first few attempts at bangles!
Well-these are cuffs I guess you would say...

 I believe I was in denial about how weak my little butane torch is. I thought I could solder the ends together to make a continuous circular bangle, but it wasn't happening. So, hence the shape of these silver ones. I actually kind of like it though because it makes them adjustable.
 I hammered the silver ones using two different sized hammers to see what the effect would be. A little soak in some Liver of Sulfur and a little rub with some steel wool really brought the texture out.

I made a total of 4 bangles. 2 copper and 2 silver. I am wearing them all now and I believe I will keep them all to myself. ;)

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