Friday, August 28, 2009


Sometimes I like to type random things into flickr's search and see what pops up. It's a bit dreary out so I typed in sunshine and found these by someone named Giagia.


What! Is what I said to myself as I scrolled through the rows and rows of jeans for sale on Anthropologie's website. Who fits into those? Or at least the ones in the picture! What are they like a size -5. If your thighs are that small you may actually be a bird. Just a thought...


I have been thinking for a LONG time that I need to get back in shape. When I say back in shape I mean one time long ago when I was in 7th-9th grade I was active in basketball,swimming, and volleyball(not all at the same time-I was not that athletic). Now-I know I am an adult and the routines of life seem to keep one back from really finding the time or the endurance to make it to the gym or live an active lifestyle but I feel like it's time to stop the excuses and get on with it.

What I am realizing is that there are choices to be made when you are an adult. When I was in 7th grade I joined the basketball team and as a result I had to go to all of the practices. My mom would drop me off and I did it. It was like to some degree I didn't have a choice. It was fit into my schedule for me. Nowadays if I don't make the time I don't go and if I don't make the choice to stop eating ice cream and cupcakes everyday because it's not good for me I am bound to get some chunk. Which I have already but it's bound to get worse! and I don't think my clothes can handle worse!

So-I think today will be my day where I make the choice to choose health and eat less crap and be more active. Kind of like a New Year's resolution only not at the beginning of the year. If anyone reads this and wants to join me we can start a club (because everyone wants to be in a club,right?)or something. A walking club, a I promise to stop eating Gi Gi's Cupcakes club. whatever...

I am tempted to post one of those bad "before" shots so that I have something to compare myself to in hopefully a few months but I wouldn't do that to anyone and especially not myself.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

me and my mom

can you get any cooler...

I am a moderate No Doubt/Gwen Stafani lover but i just saw this pict. and said to myself "can you get any cooler?seriously."
This lady has got to be well into her 30's at this point with 2 kids and continues to look like a rock star. I can almost predict when i am in my 30's hopefully with a few kids i will be looking more like this.Oh Lord I hope I at least don't wear "mom jeans". Hahaha....

Nashville Flea Market

This weekend My mom and step dad visited us and we went to the Nashville Flea Market. I have been before and didn't find much but this time i came home with a few fun items. One is this dress thing in the picts above. I bought it from these two girls who kind of looked like the Olsen twins. They said they travel to India once a month to pick out fabrics for these kaftan dresses they design. They were selling them for way cheaper than they sell them on their website. I brought it home and though i think it's totally beautiful i am not really sure how to wear it. I almost wore it to church today and then decided maybe it was a bit much so i opted for jeans instead. Boring..I know.
There was also a booth selling Burt's Bees products for way cheap. I bought a face cleanser and a face scrub for 4 dollars each. You can't beat that!
Flea markets are fun as long as they don't actually sell fleas. If you haven't been to Nashville's you should check it out if you ever have the chance.


I was introduced to a website called Jango where you create your own radio station. You pick what artists and songs you want and from there it plays them all randomly. Anytime i get on my computer i let it play in the background. Love it! If you like music or just need to find some new music check it out!


It turned out pretty darn tootin good! Christian thought it was fancy. Thanks Betty!


We have some yucky brownish bananas and usually i just pitch them when they get to this state because i think over ripe B'a are nasty. however this time i remembered someone say how brownish B's are good for banana bread so i decided to make my first banana bread. It's in the oven right now and so far it is looking pretty normal. We will see though. I don't always trust myself when baking. After mixing ingredients i often question whether the sugar i put in may have been flour and vise versa. also, i have no idea how to bake without ending up with a kitchen that looks like it got caught in between a high school food fight. Lets just say it was a bit crazy looking. Thankfully my husband is taking a nap and won't see it in it's disaster state.

I know like 3 people read my blog but out of those 3 if you have a stellar recipe for B bread please share it with me. i just used one out of my Betty Crocker cook book. i am sure it will be good but all the recipes in there tend to be good but missing a wow factor. It's a good place to start though.

Monday, August 17, 2009

hair cut

I still give occasional haircuts and I am thankful for the few I do a month. Sally is about to come over and she is by far one of my easiest clients to please. I do what i do and she always thinks it's awesome. I love those kind of people!

I quit working at the salon after i got married and i have never regretted it. One of the older stylists said "you're committing career suicide." I may have committed career suicide but what i really did was give myself the opportunity to try new things and learn more about myself. I loved hair school. It was like a long slumber party where we fixed each others hair and painted nails all day long(however i don't miss waxing men's backs and giving pedicures). I loved getting to do crazy punky color and cuts on friends but it's not like that at all when you get into the real world of working full time in a salon. I quickly realized i had gotten myself into a career that didn't suit my personality despite it fitting my skills.

I wrestled a long time with guilt. asking why God would give me skills for something but not a passion or desire to do that thing. I use to be scared that God would somehow force me into doing it again-yes-i disliked it that much. It makes me laugh to think that is how i felt because now that i know more about God i know that is not how he works.

There really is no real point to this post except to say that i have the time to post and this is what i am thinking about.

have a great evening!
PS-My friend Laura just had her 2nd baby and i am so excited for her.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Back To the Real World

My trip to San Francisco is over and I am back to my normal routine. The trip was really good. It was so great to see and spend time with my friend. She was gracious and drove me ALL OVER THE PLACE so that I could fully experience the city and what it had to offer. AND boy did it have a lot to offer. I was actually a bit overwhelmed by all the houses, buildings, and gobs of people walking around. We pretty much hit all the tourist attractions and she also showed me some fun extras.
The highlight for me was probably China Town. We had some great Chinese food while we were there and my poor friend had to endure this old man yelling in Chinese to his friends the whole time in what could only be described as a monster voice from hell (very low and raspy). It made for a good laugh though.
Hopefully I can post some picts soon.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

San Francisco

Tomorrow I will be flying to San Francisco to see my friend Allison. I met her in Cosmetology school maybe 8 years back. Wow..has it been that long? We have seen each other only one time since then but talk on the phone and email all the time. It's a very unique friendship and I am so lucky to know her.