Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rings and Things

I haven't done much metal-smithing lately because I am running low on silver and also on inspiring stones. I had started making a bezel for the turquoise stone below about 2 months ago and just didn't feel inspired to do anything further with it. It sat on my table until last night. I think I started working on it around 9:30 or 10 and found myself staying up WAY too late to finish it.

I love metal-smithing. It's a challenging hobby (also a hobby that has major pain potential! Fire, chemicals, and sharp tools. Your hands take a beating!) and a lot of times I completely mess stuff up, but when I finally get it right, it feels good to have something that is "wearable" and pretty.

Besides that, I also wanted to share with you 2 recipes!

I ran across this recipe to make your own cream soda from scratch. I LOVE cream soda and I like the idea of making your own "soda". My husband once made homemade ginger ale and I was kind of afraid of it honestly. It sat in a big jug in our fridge, fermenting, for a long while. Had lots of floaty things in thanks. He said it tasted like alcohol. Perhaps it fermented way too long, ha ha.

I made the recipe the other day and it's pretty great. I think I still prefer store brand cream soda, but I have a feeling it can be perfected a bit to get a more similar taste. I just served some to a friend and he said it was awesome...

Another recipe that you MUST try is The Pioneer Woman's recipe for cauliflower soup!!!!!! Find it HERE.

Oh MY it is Gooooooood! Total comfort food! I was telling my friend that I had made cauliflower soup and she was like "wow, I have never heard of that before. Sounds healthy." I laughed because although it does have lots of cauliflower and some other vegetables it's not at all what I would consider to be healthy. But, you don't eat comfort food because it's healthy. I think I am about to have the last of it for a late lunch. mmmmmm......