Monday, October 1, 2012

Just for Fun

I love fashion, but don't really have the budget to buy many new clothes or shoes and accessories. Thankfully I can make my own jewelry and that makes things a lot more fun.

Being 30, I feel like I am stuck between wanting to dress like I did in high school and also experimenting with some things I might have once considered more mature. Actually, I think it's a fun place to be with fashion and style because I am still figuring it all out and trying to learn what looks good on me and what doesn't.

Unfortunately, as much as I love the skinny jeans look with flats it's just not something my body pulls off well. Bummer! Oh well! (I rarely put pics of myself on here, but here you go)

I pretty much wear my purple Converse shoes everyday no matter what colored top I have on. It's starting to be more fall like here in TN and it makes me want to break out some boots. I usually live in them during fall and winter. I have been looking for a new pair and really wanted some Frye Boots, but by golly those things are way to expensive and although I may save up one day I decided to find something more in my price range. I didn't think I would find a pair, but I did and they are actually really comfortable!

AND they have a heel! I don't know what is up with my feet, but shoes with heels never fly with me. They always kill my feet. Heels are fun because they help a fairly short girl out. I also like to imagine that wearing heels makes my legs look A LOT thinner, but I think that is just my imagination talking. Haha...

Did you notice my new striped shirt from the thrift store? I love this color green, but this is my favorite part-

MINI GOLD SEQUINS! So random right? A little sprinkling of sequins at the shoulder???

This morning I was going through my jewelry drawer and found these two copper bangles I made a long while back. At the time I didn't have a nice way to polish them and I didn't end up really liking how they looked. This morning I got out my flex shaft drill and polished them using a polishing compound. Geezzzzz it made ALL the difference! I REALLY like them and will probably wear them every day now.

 Then I thought- maybe I will display them on my dogs back....she didn't mind...

Just curious:
Are you into fashion? Has your style changed much through the years?