Thursday, December 13, 2012

Check it Out!

I have a long list of blogs that I follow and one of my favorites is The Roots & Feathers blog. I love Laura's jewelry, her style, and her photos are really lovely and have a magical feeling about them.

She is doing a give-a-way on her blog. It's not her own jewelry, but is gifting one lucky person a pretty scarf from the store Gaia Conceptions.

I LOVE these clothes!

Anyways-check out the give-a-way here and enter to win.

On another note- Here are a few new things I just finished up.

Two handmade leather pouches that slip onto your belt.

Tooled leather peacock bracelet (SOLD)

And probably the cutest thing I have ever made-A tiny furry stuffed animal for my niece.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Etsy Shops I Love

Christmas is coming soon and that means Christmas shopping! I wanted to share an Etsy shop that I LOVE and think would be a great choice for someone who has everything. Trust me-they don't have one of these.
It's called Wearable Planter. Check out the shop here

These mini planters are the cutest! What a fun idea too!
I had to buy one of the planter necklaces because I love miniature stuff. I haven't planted anything in mine yet, but I will be soon.

Do you have any favorite shops (not just etsy) where you like to find unique presents?

A few of my other favorite Etsy shops (I sell on etsy, but I actually love shopping on there more than selling).

Girlie Pains- Super cute printable stuff. It's hard to explain. Just check out the link. You will die of cuteness overload!

Run With The Tribe- To be honest, I am not so sure I could pull off wearing these clothes, but I love them and I love the whole vibe of this shop. I like that she hand sews every garment and I love her simple earthy jewelry.

All Things Pretty- The name of the shop says it all. Super unique beautiful things.

Maybe I will show you a few more of my favorites on there in the future. I have lots of favorites...

Sunday Offerings

It's Sunday evening and I have been working the past couple of hours on my etsy shop trying to get it re-opened after it's been closed for like 2 months! I have been making several new things and the more I made, the more overwhelming it felt trying to start the process of entering everything into etsy. I don't know why, but I just really dislike the process of taking all the photos, uploading, adjusting if necessary, writing descriptions, and so on. I just love to make and that is about it. I do enjoy selling at craft shows though.

Here are a few new things I have made:

Last year I made doll necklaces for all my nieces and they really liked them. I also painted several custom dolls based off photos of people's kids and with Christmas coming I thought it would be fun to offer these 3 in my etsy shop.

This is a necklace I made about a month ago. It is the first time I got to use the fancy bezel wire. The stone is a moonstone and I love the color of the beads. Reminds me of a tropical ocean.

The two pictures above are handmade copper pendants with clear resin and a preserved leaf. They are both strung on long 30" leather cords.

I recently bought a large piece of vegetable tanned leather that has inspired me to make some leather projects. I am currently working on 2 medium sized purses, two little belt pouches, and a leather and turquoise bracelet. I haven't worked with leather in a long while and it feels nice to be playing around with it again.

All of these items are for sale in my Etsy shop if you happen to be interested. :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rings and Things

I haven't done much metal-smithing lately because I am running low on silver and also on inspiring stones. I had started making a bezel for the turquoise stone below about 2 months ago and just didn't feel inspired to do anything further with it. It sat on my table until last night. I think I started working on it around 9:30 or 10 and found myself staying up WAY too late to finish it.

I love metal-smithing. It's a challenging hobby (also a hobby that has major pain potential! Fire, chemicals, and sharp tools. Your hands take a beating!) and a lot of times I completely mess stuff up, but when I finally get it right, it feels good to have something that is "wearable" and pretty.

Besides that, I also wanted to share with you 2 recipes!

I ran across this recipe to make your own cream soda from scratch. I LOVE cream soda and I like the idea of making your own "soda". My husband once made homemade ginger ale and I was kind of afraid of it honestly. It sat in a big jug in our fridge, fermenting, for a long while. Had lots of floaty things in thanks. He said it tasted like alcohol. Perhaps it fermented way too long, ha ha.

I made the recipe the other day and it's pretty great. I think I still prefer store brand cream soda, but I have a feeling it can be perfected a bit to get a more similar taste. I just served some to a friend and he said it was awesome...

Another recipe that you MUST try is The Pioneer Woman's recipe for cauliflower soup!!!!!! Find it HERE.

Oh MY it is Gooooooood! Total comfort food! I was telling my friend that I had made cauliflower soup and she was like "wow, I have never heard of that before. Sounds healthy." I laughed because although it does have lots of cauliflower and some other vegetables it's not at all what I would consider to be healthy. But, you don't eat comfort food because it's healthy. I think I am about to have the last of it for a late lunch. mmmmmm......

Monday, October 1, 2012

Just for Fun

I love fashion, but don't really have the budget to buy many new clothes or shoes and accessories. Thankfully I can make my own jewelry and that makes things a lot more fun.

Being 30, I feel like I am stuck between wanting to dress like I did in high school and also experimenting with some things I might have once considered more mature. Actually, I think it's a fun place to be with fashion and style because I am still figuring it all out and trying to learn what looks good on me and what doesn't.

Unfortunately, as much as I love the skinny jeans look with flats it's just not something my body pulls off well. Bummer! Oh well! (I rarely put pics of myself on here, but here you go)

I pretty much wear my purple Converse shoes everyday no matter what colored top I have on. It's starting to be more fall like here in TN and it makes me want to break out some boots. I usually live in them during fall and winter. I have been looking for a new pair and really wanted some Frye Boots, but by golly those things are way to expensive and although I may save up one day I decided to find something more in my price range. I didn't think I would find a pair, but I did and they are actually really comfortable!

AND they have a heel! I don't know what is up with my feet, but shoes with heels never fly with me. They always kill my feet. Heels are fun because they help a fairly short girl out. I also like to imagine that wearing heels makes my legs look A LOT thinner, but I think that is just my imagination talking. Haha...

Did you notice my new striped shirt from the thrift store? I love this color green, but this is my favorite part-

MINI GOLD SEQUINS! So random right? A little sprinkling of sequins at the shoulder???

This morning I was going through my jewelry drawer and found these two copper bangles I made a long while back. At the time I didn't have a nice way to polish them and I didn't end up really liking how they looked. This morning I got out my flex shaft drill and polished them using a polishing compound. Geezzzzz it made ALL the difference! I REALLY like them and will probably wear them every day now.

 Then I thought- maybe I will display them on my dogs back....she didn't mind...

Just curious:
Are you into fashion? Has your style changed much through the years?

Sunday, September 30, 2012


It's Sunday afternoon and it's been such a nice day around here. I just got done making a key lime pie for our church group tonight and forgot that you actually have to bake it-it's now in the freezer in hopes it will cool down in time. It's always a bit nerve racking when you bring something for people to eat that you can't first test yourself.

I also just finished up a little necklace and doodle. My friend asked if I could come up with something about being "broken." Not broken hearted mind you. More like- the times in life where you find that you have absolutely nothing to give, nothing to offer, your sad or mad and you finally give up(I guess broken hearted would fit the description after all)-but in spite of it what comes out of it? It got me thinking about these times in my life and how some of the most beautiful things have been born out of these moments. Personal growth, more compassion for others, realizing that I am not ultimately in control (I like to believe I am, haha) and how freeing that really is.

PS. I have my first Psychology exam tomorrow! Yikes! I am a bit nervous.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

3 Necklaces

I just finished up this custom order for a customer. I love how they turned out!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Boots For Sale

So, I decided that I want a new pair of boots. In order to buy said boots I probably should sell off a pair I already own. Because, I just don't need two pairs of brownish boots.

In the extremely slight chance that you may be looking for a pair of neat cowboy boots and also wear a size 9 I figured I would post the picts here. Let me know if you are interested.


Here is the craigslist ad for them:

 They pretty much look brand new except there are scuffs on the pointy toe part. Really comfy and well made I might add! :)


 I came across some resin bangles the other day that I thought were pretty and it got me thinking about resin and how I have never played around with it. I decided to order a kit that included Ice resin (name of the brand of resin), tiny plastic cups for measuring, and some popsicle sticks for stirring. Before my kit got here I started planning out what I might like to try first. I had seen some resin jewelry with dried and pressed flowers and decided that would be a fun first project. I searched my yard for some pretty things and found some neat wild flowers and leaves.Got out some huge heavy books and laid the flowers and things between paper towel. I also hung up some bundles of flowers to dry so that they would be more 3-D and not pressed flat.

My kit came and I was ready to start. I made my own sterling silver bezel to pour resin in (no pictures of this one yet), and I also made 2 bezels from a small copper pipe my husband bought me (There are tutorials out there that show you how to make the pipe bezels). I also bought an adjustable ring from Hobby Lobby to pour in.

Here are a few pictures of one of the necklaces.
 What I found out is that resin is hard to capture on film. It has such a nice glossy finish that the light reflecting off it makes it hard to see it fully. Also, I bought these really awesome "chartreuse" beads, but they look more basic yellow in the photos.
 I stamped on the bottom of the pipe bezel "wild flower" just for the fun of it.
 This shows you one side of the pendant.
Here is the other.
I love how these pipe bezels allow you to have something showing on each side. In the future I will probably experiment with making more of my own bezels, but I have seen some pretty neat pre-made ones out there that would make some really fun jewelry. Unfortunately, the silver bezel I made turned out good, but I don't like how it turned out nearly as much as the one in the picture. Because the bezel I made had a back to it the overall appearance is pretty dark. You really have to see it up close to see what is in the resin. I think maybe cutting out a light colored paper background would have helped make the flowers and beads I embedded in the resin show up better. Also, some flowers look pretty when dried and some turn ugly colors when dried. I will have to figure that all out a bit better sometime.

Here is the ring.

I wasn't so sure how this would turn out half way through. What I learned is that you pour your resin to the top of your bezel and let it dry for a bit. Come back and very carefully pour a bit more on top to make a little dome above the resin. It's a bit scary because you basically keep dripping resin in the middle until the resin spreads to the edges and then right when it looks like it could spill over, you stop (and then you pray you don't bump your table). After my first pour the ring looked kind of ugly. There were all kinds of bits that were sticking out and it looked like a mess. It's amazing how "doming" really magnifies what's in the resin and gives the piece a really nice smooth shiny look. I am happy with the end result and I can't wait to make a few more.

Here are a few links to get you started with resin if you are interested:
Ice resin website with videos and all kinds of stuff to look through.
Tutorial video-

Saturday, September 1, 2012

School and Craft Stuff

So, I started school. Just two classes, but so far so good. I am really enjoying it. One of my classes is Psychology and I can already tell that I will love the class.

I haven't really been making many things lately. I felt like I needed a break. It's good that I did take the break because I now have a little burst of creative juice and I can't wait to make a few things. I was asked to make a few custom necklaces and just finished the first one today.
I also bought some resin to play around with. I went out and picked some wild flowers and leaves to dry and press. I plan on using them in some pendants with the resin. My husband bought me some copper pipe to cut up and turn into pendants (you pour the resin inside the pipe pieces). Yesterday I also made a sterling bezel to pour some resin into. I always love learning new stuff when it comes to jewelry. I will share my results with you soon.

Have a great rest of you weekend!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Chapter

Guess where I am going tomorrow?
Orientation for college! I am 30 and have never been, but have always wanted to. I have put it off for many many years out of fear. Fear of what, really? I am not even sure, but I had a million and one excuses why it would never work out for me.

I'm not sure what happened, but I got a small bit of courage on a Monday and called and scheduled myself an appointment for the Compass test for that coming Wednesday. I have been so freaked out by having to take this test which doesn't make any sense because it's not a pass or fail type of test. It just lets the college know where you are with reading, writing, and math. I studied math like crazy up until right before the test. I took the test and I did surprisingly well overall. I did not do so hot in math, but I knew I wouldn't. I actually got the highest scores you can get for the other two sections. I am not an academic dummy afterall!

To say that I am excited is a bit of an understatement. I can't wait to learn about something new or even be refreshed on what I already learned in high school. After a few years of staying home and trying to make the jewelry thing work I am just ready to be out in the world again-meeting new people, learning new things. I will continue to make things. It's just what I love to do, but I am about to spend time nurturing other sides of me that I forgot existed.

So, here is to a brand new adventure and a new chapter in my life.  :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wrap Bracelet

I made this bracelet yesterday for a friend. It's her Birthday today!

I can't wait to make more of this style. I really like how simple it is and the leather is so soft it's really comfortable to wear. I may have to hold off though because my silver supply is WAY low. :(

On a similar note: I love buying from fellow Etsy sellers. I have been looking for a watch and its been so long since I have worn one on a daily basis I just couldn't decide on a style. I came across this Etsy shop called Meggie's Love that sells leather wrap watches. They are really cute and casual and I like that you can switch out the leather cords if you need to. I bought this one and I can't wait to wear it.

Monday, August 6, 2012

My New Vespa!

My stepdad bought a vintage Vespa in need of major work. He intended to fix it up, but got too busy with other projects and decided to give it to me and Christian to work on. Christian has been tinkering away on it for awhile now; replacing old with new. This past weekend he finally got it to start up! He drove it around the neighborhood and even though it needs a paint job it is totally ride-able! It will actually be my Vespa and I am soooooo excited! I get to choose the paint color and I am still undecided. Maybe light turquoise.....

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some New Things

I have had a sheet of 18 gauge brass sitting at my desk for awhile now. I originally bought it when I first started learning metal smithing. Something to practice on. I quickly moved on from it because I just am not a fan of bright yellow gold looking jewelry. Just doesn't seem to go with my skin tone I guess.

The other day by way of a mistake I realized that heating the metal up and then buffing it with some steel wool really makes for a nice looking piece. It mellows it out and really gives it an antique sort of feel. Once I came across this discovery I starting getting excited about working with it since my Sterling Silver is running low at the moment.

Here is a necklace I recently made and is now in my Etsy store for sale.

Here is a little secret-I used my metal leather stamps to stamp this design.

Here is a bracelet I made as well. Also for sale in my shop.

On another note-
I miss working out. I use to go to the gym quite often a few years back when we lived close to one that we could afford (memberships are EXPENSIVE aren't they? sheesh!). Then we moved sort of out in the country and bought a treadmill to keep in the garage. It got boring after awhile and we really only could use it when the weather was a decent temp outside. So, lately all the exercise I get is walking my dogs and cleaning my house. I have been just dying to get back into it. Today I woke up all motivated. I put on my work out clothes and ran down the street and back(which wasn't very far at all) and decided that running sucks. Haha. Ugh it's just so hot here in TN right now. I can't believe there are people who actually enjoy running. I wish I was one of them...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mug Appreciation

The older I get the more I appreciate the small joys in life. A good book, a good chat with a friend, and finding a new mug at my local thrift store. Haha.....

I was thinking the other day how funny it is that I just have to drink my coffee in a mug that I really like. As if it magically changes the flavor and makes the whole experience better.

When I got married we were gifted a set of red dishes and mugs that we had picked out. It came with a TON of mugs. For years I have just used those mugs although honestly I am so tired of red I could cry. It occurred to me one day that I should start looking for mugs that I really enjoy and so I have. This is my first "special" mug. We were meant to be since my B-day is in February...I just know it. It magically does make my coffee drinking experience much more enjoyable. Who knew a mug could do that??

PS. Did you get a glimpse of my MESSY desk! Oh my it's much much worse then you even know. Perhaps it's time to go in there and clean it up. or.....maybe not..... ;)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beaded Bracelets

I just got done making a few custom beaded bracelets for a friend. I love getting these kinds of requests.
Here is a picture.
The "Deut 8" refers to Deuteronomy chapter 8 in the bible.

I love the little bird beads!

PS. Do you watch The Bachelorette? My husband jokes that it is trash and really it probably is, but I am enjoying this season with Emily. I am loving all the beaded bracelets and necklaces she is wearing on each episode. It's making me want to make some simple beaded bracelets for myself.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A New Shop

I am so excited. I spent hours working on a new Etsy shop that will hold only my metalwork. I will keep my current shop fara.daisy.jean open for all the other things I love to make. New shop is not officially open yet, but will be soon.

This somehow feels a bit freeing. I am someone who loves to make just about everything. I love learning and I love having a variety of crafts I can go to if I feel worn out on one particular one. It felt kind of wrong though to add far more expensive items among the stuff I am currently selling in my shop. Strange to have a completely handmade piece of jewelry right next to a cheap pair of earrings that were not made from scratch. It felt like two words colliding. I think this will work out well and I also think it will allow me to actually make some less expensive stuff and not feel like it doesn't work with the other things in my shop.

Here is my new Etsy banner that I made today. It could possibly change by the time I actually open the shop, but for now I like it.

PS. A sweet internet friend asked if I have given up leather work. I haven't at all. Actually I just made a tiny pouch the other day and have made a few custom things for people that never made it into my shop. I have to admit though-I really love working with metal and that will most likely be my main focus going forward. Also, the leather store is now about an hour away which makes it harder for me to get out there and buy supplies like I use to. Before we moved I lived about 10-15mins away and went there at least once a week.

PPS. Sometimes I cringe when I think about my blog. It's all about me which gets annoying. But, I guess most blogs are about the person behind it. If I was cool I would have a "Fashion Friday" or something like it, but somehow I doubt you would want to see me in my usual outfit of jeans, purple converse tennis shoes, and a random top. But, maybe I will try to work on making it less about me and more interesting. Hmmm...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Copper Charm Necklaces and Nija Warrior.....say what!?!

Sitting here watching American Ninja Warrior with my husband. Have you seen it? Looks SO HARD!

I finished up two copper charm necklaces today. My hands are really cut up and sore from all the sawing, filing, hammering, and polishing going on the past few days.

I made this necklace for a friend who is just the sweetest. She has 6 kids and my husband teaches one of her oldest piano lessons every week. I know that stamped mommy necklaces are really popular and I have never seen her wearing one so thought it would be fun to make one to give her on her B-day.

I like how it turned out and was inspired to make one I will eventually put into my Etsy store.

I have really enjoyed making these and they are fun to wear. They sort of swish and make a tinkling sound as you move. I gave them both long leather cords so that the wearer can adjust the length. I am really into super long necklaces right now for some reason...

Off to make some hot chocolate! Good night!

New Necklace

I made this the other day. I had originally turned the thick silver wire into a bangle and realized that I never really wear much jewelry and it's beauty was going to waste in the back of my drawer. So, I snipped the bangle and reformed it to make a smaller oval and added the cab.

I also have gotten back into my copper stash since my sterling is getting low and have made two really fun charm necklaces. One of them is for a friend for her Bday and she hasn't seen it yet or else I would post it. The other is one I will post in my shop when it's totally complete.

On a side note-

If you like super yummy easy desserts you HAVE to try this recipe! I made it while my mother in law was in town and everyone loved it.