Sunday, December 2, 2012

Etsy Shops I Love

Christmas is coming soon and that means Christmas shopping! I wanted to share an Etsy shop that I LOVE and think would be a great choice for someone who has everything. Trust me-they don't have one of these.
It's called Wearable Planter. Check out the shop here

These mini planters are the cutest! What a fun idea too!
I had to buy one of the planter necklaces because I love miniature stuff. I haven't planted anything in mine yet, but I will be soon.

Do you have any favorite shops (not just etsy) where you like to find unique presents?

A few of my other favorite Etsy shops (I sell on etsy, but I actually love shopping on there more than selling).

Girlie Pains- Super cute printable stuff. It's hard to explain. Just check out the link. You will die of cuteness overload!

Run With The Tribe- To be honest, I am not so sure I could pull off wearing these clothes, but I love them and I love the whole vibe of this shop. I like that she hand sews every garment and I love her simple earthy jewelry.

All Things Pretty- The name of the shop says it all. Super unique beautiful things.

Maybe I will show you a few more of my favorites on there in the future. I have lots of favorites...

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