Sunday, February 28, 2010


I thought I would show you what I have been up to. The above picture is my craft table. Tonight I worked on a small leather piece that you will see below.

This picture shows some of the headbands and necklaces that I have made for my soon to be store.

The darker leather piece will be a cuff bracelet. I still need to put the snaps on. The smaller piece has not been dyed yet. I think I might also turn this into a bracelet. These are my first ever attempts at leather work and I think I did ok. It is a lot of fun working with the tools.

Friday, February 26, 2010


My..My.. it's been a long time since I last posted anything. A lot has been going on in the Griffith household. Well, that is not exactly true but it sounds like a good excuse for not blogging often.ha ha...

To catch folks up to date:

TN actually got some snow this winter and lots of ice. Christian called me one night to inform me that " I am ok but I have some bad news." While driving home from work he slid on the ice and his truck slipped into a pretty deep ditch. Thankfully a tree stopped him but that pesky tree dented in the bumper and the tailgate pretty good. Nothing a great handy man can't fix so everything ended fine there. Well except he had to walk part of the way home in the snow with leather shoes and not enough winter clothing. Thankfully a nice lady picked him up and drove him home. Well sort of drove him home but that is another story.

Some other news. Not sure what has come over me but I have had the urge like no other to sew and create and go crazy with all my craft hobbies. I decided to open a shop on! I haven't opened it quite yet but soon my darling soon. Right now the store mostly contains beaded headbands and a few necklaces but in the future I will probably add some stuff that I have sewn and even some leather craft stuff that I will eventually work on. I am pumped about it and even if no one buys a thing it's been fun to create. Once I officially open it I will definitely post about it here. So check back soon and have a looky around my shop. ;)

As many of you know we just moved to Spring Hill,TN a few months ago. We joined a new community group( church small group fyi) here in town. It has been so awesome. the people are Awesome and so friendly. All of the ladies from the group met last night at Utopia and it was a lot of fun. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone better.

That is enough for now.
See ya!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

mushroom soup

I can't wait to make this soup. The photo came from the website and my mouth is watering. My husband's mouth would probably be gagging if he saw this and knew it was coming to his table very soon. He hates mushrooms but I love them. I am the cook so I win.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

winter blues

Because we are in the dead of winter here in TN here are some picts to help me out of the winter blues.