Monday, August 29, 2011


My little Mose Mose

A Few Things

 I found this nest on the ground underneath a tree. It made me smile because it has lots of my dogs hairs woven into it. The feathers were also found outside. I am really interested in feathers lately...
 I ordered a little bundle of these peacock feathers and also am waiting on some other feathers to arrive. I hope to either use them in my jewelry or just keep them around just because they are pretty.
 Two necklaces I am working on.They hang from a 32" chain and will also have charms and a feather attached.
Turquoise beads. I just got these and I LOVE the color. I love turquoise!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My New Favorite

I just finished a new necklace today and I LOVE it. I foresee me making several of these in various shades to put in my etsy shop. It's a bit bohemian and a bit southwestern.

It's funny how ideas will just all of a sudden come to me. I try to come up with new things, but I can never force it. I was tossing and turning in bed the other night and this design came to me. Here are a few pictures. What do you think? It's a large pendant I know, but I am just not one of those gals who likes or will wear a wee little necklace on a wee little chain. I like a necklace that speaks for its self. Leather, brass, and turquoise.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Messy Desk Clean House

If you come to my house you will see it's usually pretty clean. If you peek your head into my craft room you will see my little secret. I'm a mess! or at least the room is! I can't seem to keep my desk organized and clean. I have way to many arts and crafts supplies piled in every corner of this small room. I use my desk to do my leather work so there are constantly bits of scrap leather everywhere. I also paint on this desk so there are brushes, paint bottles, and wads of paper towel all over.

Last night I came up with a new necklace idea and decided to make it today. Here is a little picture of my progress and my mess.

I envision these little medallions dyed in rich shades of brown and hung on satin ribbons. A bit bohemian and a bit south western with the print. We shall see how they turn out....

Hopefully I can clean up this mess!

Exciting Stuff

I am so excited to share that I have sold some items to a local boutique here in Nashville, TN!!!! If you live in the area you can check out Your Home Enhanced in Berry Hill. It just opened up and is totally cute(think vintage,shabby chic, furniture and art)! I am so honored to have my items there.

I also started using a leather purse that I made probably a year ago. I can't believe the response I get when I go out. I have handed out several business cards to random people who admire my bag while out and about. I suppose I should have used it a long time ago and perhaps I would have made a few more sales. Well-now I know. If you make something use it or wear it. It's the best exposure.

My little Etsy business may never go anywhere or make me much money, but I am appreciative of the opportunities and the people I have met along the way.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Doc Martens

My teenage years go hand in hand with Doc Marten shoes. I had a red pair of boots, a black pair, and a blue mary jane style. I use to travel into Pittsburgh just to go to Bovers shoe store(which is LONG gone). They carried mainly Docs and I would walk around with my poor and pitiful teenage self and run my hand along all the fun candy colored boots. The shoes were always way out of my price range and two out of 3 pairs that I owned came from the thrift store and from a friend (I had to swap the black for the red). There was always a specific pair that I wanted but never was able to buy until I turned about 23 or so. I bought them off ebay for a pretty hefty price, but I didn't care. It was fulfilling my teenage dream. Here they are!

Last night I decided it was time to part with them. Apparently this specific style has been spotted on celebrities like Sienna Miller making them even more desirable for doc collectors. I saw on ebay that they are going for about $400! Holy crazy! I can't sell them for that even though these are in great shape for being vintage.It just seems wrong.

Teenage dream shoe you will be missed, but you have served my desire for weird shoes well.

Sales in the Shop

Today I marked almost everything in my shop for sale. Well-it's all technically for "sale", but I am talking money off original price kind of sale. Haha... Many items are MAJORLY discounted! Why? I am going to start working on some new pieces and it's just time to start moving out what is currently in my shop.
Check it out here!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Clutch

I started working on this months ago. I did the tooling and then the first layer of dye and I thought it was pretty hideous. So-it sat on my desk for a long time. I considered pitching it. It was THAT bad. The other day I was in my craft room and saw it sitting there. I was frustrated that I had put so much time into the design and the tooling only to not like it. I decided to keep working with it. More dye and an antique finish later- I love it!

Leather is awesome like that. It is so versatile and takes on a whole new life once all your dying and finishes are applied. A coat of glossy sealant and voila- something special. Here are a few pictures I just snapped of the bag.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mini Paintings

I bought two very small canvases from Joanne's months ago and they have sat in a drawer since. I pulled them out yesterday and mixed up some random colors that I like and just started painting. I love mini paintings! I think it would be neat to make a bunch and hang them in a big cluster.
Here are a few more picts.