Monday, August 15, 2011

Doc Martens

My teenage years go hand in hand with Doc Marten shoes. I had a red pair of boots, a black pair, and a blue mary jane style. I use to travel into Pittsburgh just to go to Bovers shoe store(which is LONG gone). They carried mainly Docs and I would walk around with my poor and pitiful teenage self and run my hand along all the fun candy colored boots. The shoes were always way out of my price range and two out of 3 pairs that I owned came from the thrift store and from a friend (I had to swap the black for the red). There was always a specific pair that I wanted but never was able to buy until I turned about 23 or so. I bought them off ebay for a pretty hefty price, but I didn't care. It was fulfilling my teenage dream. Here they are!

Last night I decided it was time to part with them. Apparently this specific style has been spotted on celebrities like Sienna Miller making them even more desirable for doc collectors. I saw on ebay that they are going for about $400! Holy crazy! I can't sell them for that even though these are in great shape for being vintage.It just seems wrong.

Teenage dream shoe you will be missed, but you have served my desire for weird shoes well.

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  1. Hi what size are these and about how much are you wanting for them?