Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Messy Desk Clean House

If you come to my house you will see it's usually pretty clean. If you peek your head into my craft room you will see my little secret. I'm a mess! or at least the room is! I can't seem to keep my desk organized and clean. I have way to many arts and crafts supplies piled in every corner of this small room. I use my desk to do my leather work so there are constantly bits of scrap leather everywhere. I also paint on this desk so there are brushes, paint bottles, and wads of paper towel all over.

Last night I came up with a new necklace idea and decided to make it today. Here is a little picture of my progress and my mess.

I envision these little medallions dyed in rich shades of brown and hung on satin ribbons. A bit bohemian and a bit south western with the print. We shall see how they turn out....

Hopefully I can clean up this mess!

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