Sunday, January 23, 2011

Susan for Susan

My mom(Susan) asked me if I would make her a primitive looking doll to sit in her rustic rocking chair. She showed me a doll that she liked in a consignment shop and so I took the challenge on. There was one thing she asked though-the doll she showed me had a tag with the name Susan written on it . She said she wanted this doll to have that name as well. I created a leather name tag for the doll but it's not in the pictures.

I have never made a doll like this before. I did a little research on the net on how to make the material look aged. I bought some linen and dunked it into hot tea water. I let it soak for a few minutes and rinsed it clean. It did the trick although if I ever had to do it again I will leave it in longer. I rubbed some cinnamon into the fabric to make it look a little dirty and it makes it smell good too. The dress was made out of my husbands flannel bed pants he was getting rid of. I picked some twigs from my tree outside and made "hair".

I think it turned out really cute and my mom liked it too. I presented it to her in a box with a little story I had written for the doll.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Today is Friday and when you don't have what I call a "real" job it's not as exciting as when I had a real job. However, it's still been a really nice day and i am excited for the weekend.

I started the day with a simple smoothie (milk,orange juice, frozen peaches) and attempted some yoga. I have watched my 10 minute yoga video enough times that I finally remember the moves. I knew I wasn't very flexible but doing a downward dog really reminds me of that fact. ugh...

I worked on a new necklace design that I am really excited about. Here are a few pictures of the two I have made so far.

The one with yellow has been on my neck the past two days. Although I do like what I make I usually don't wear a lot of jewelry and hardly wear my stuff (I love wearing other peoples hand made items). I feel like this necklace just really fits me(and hopefully others out there). It's unique and kind of has a vintage feel for some reason. It feels a little shabby but I think it's pretty chic. Anyways, here they are. I hope you like them and the blue/purple one will show up in my shop in the next day or two.

I think the hubby and I are going to eat out tonight. I am hoping for Mexican. Chips and salsa oh how I love thee.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I am in this wood painting phase right now. I showed you some picts of my wooden dolls I painted in my previous post and now I will share with you a set of wooden bangles.
It was fun to paint and afterwards I sprayed them with a glossy sealant to make them somewhat waterproof.

I love crafts like this because they are easy and fun, but most of all can make great personalized gifts for friends and family. I have seen where people use pretty scrapbook paper and decoupage little bits of  the paper and printed out words onto these. You could even use wood stain for a more earthy natural look.

I bought these bangles at Hobby Lobby but I have seen them at all the craft stores. They also make plain wooden beads and different size/shape bangles. I think I might try a necklace next with chunky wooden painted beads.

Get your craft on! :)

Wooden Dolls

I have almost finished a little project that I have been working on. I decided to make each of my nieces (except one who is a baby still) one of these little wooden doll necklaces. I finished painting them, two of them have a sealant applied, and next I will need to drill holes in the tops and screw in a little loop to hold a string. I think they turned out soooo cute and I hope they like them. Here are a few pictures.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Clutch

I just finished this little clutch today. I love the clasp!

Sing Out Cuff

I have been procrastinating lately. Well-I have been making things non stop but procrastinating on the part where I am supposed to take pictures and make a description and add the items into my store.

But-I am working on doing all that today and thought I would share a cuff I finished recently. I heart it....Hope you like it too.