Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gifts Before Christmas

My husband is awesome and bought me some cool Christmas presents. Every year we try to wait to exchange presents till Christmas or Christmas Eve but we ALWAYS give in and open them early. So-last night we were watching tv and he said "we should open our presents"-I hesitated thinking it would be best if we waited but then said-ok sure. We gave ourselves a 50 dollar limit this year. I got him a piano tuning kit for his new piano he got for free off Craigslist and an Encyclopedia of Motorcycles . He got me these-

4 all natural soaps from my new favorite soap store on etsy.

and also this shirt from another store on etsy.

He also threw in a Starbucks gift card. Pretty awesome. He did very well. I love Etsy!


Oh how I wish I were at the beach soaking up some sun. The weather isn't bad here today-it's actually quite nice but I am ready for some good ole sunshine on my face.


Sorry-I know it's been a while since I last posted. With moving and holidays it's just been a really busy time for us.

To catch you up from my last post- as you all know we have moved cross town. Well to a whole new town really. I am loving Spring Hill,TN. It's a perfect blend of country life with some Super Target thrown in for good measure. I am however missing the conveniences of where we lived before. Our favorite Mexican restaurant was like a hop skip and jump away and now it's like 45 mins. away. We tried out Ponchos here in town but it was pretty mediocre to me. Also, I am missing living like two minutes from the grocery store. I am being forced to plan out my shopping experiences in advance instead of deciding I need something on the spot. But-besides those things my new town has lots to offer. I met a new friend for coffee at Utopia Coffee. It's a really great unique place. I also found some really great craft type stores and an antique mall where I found a bunch of great books for cheap.

Anyways,exploring a new town was just what I needed. I love Nashville and I love our old house but I was just ready for a change and moving here makes me see I really needed one.