Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Sorry-I know it's been a while since I last posted. With moving and holidays it's just been a really busy time for us.

To catch you up from my last post- as you all know we have moved cross town. Well to a whole new town really. I am loving Spring Hill,TN. It's a perfect blend of country life with some Super Target thrown in for good measure. I am however missing the conveniences of where we lived before. Our favorite Mexican restaurant was like a hop skip and jump away and now it's like 45 mins. away. We tried out Ponchos here in town but it was pretty mediocre to me. Also, I am missing living like two minutes from the grocery store. I am being forced to plan out my shopping experiences in advance instead of deciding I need something on the spot. But-besides those things my new town has lots to offer. I met a new friend for coffee at Utopia Coffee. It's a really great unique place. I also found some really great craft type stores and an antique mall where I found a bunch of great books for cheap.

Anyways,exploring a new town was just what I needed. I love Nashville and I love our old house but I was just ready for a change and moving here makes me see I really needed one.

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