Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I have been trying to cook more. Partly because I find that I enjoy finding and trying out new recipes and partly because I have the time-I should. Ever since I found this website I rarely ever crack open a cook book or look anywhere else to find recipes. I love it because people who have tried the recipes rate them and then also let you know if they changed it and how it turned out. I have now made several new things from here that have been very tasty. They also have a handy tool where you can type in certain ingredients and it will pull up recipes with those ingredients. Anyways-If you like cooking you should check it out.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

oh why oh why women at the Harding YMCA do you wear these suits under your work out clothes?

What Not to Crochet

I love crocheting (i haven't done it in a while but i still love it). I came across this blog awhile back and it cracks me up! If you want a good laugh check it out.

PS-Ingrid-I think you will enjoy this the most for some reason.


I am not sure why but I woke up this morning thinking about church signs and how funny or ridiculous they can be. Do they actually get people inside the church?
Several years back we lived in an apartment complex and I remember driving to work and passing a church sign that had something really terrible written on it. I mean REALLY terrible. Someone had rearranged the letters around to say something completely different than what was intended. It was awful but sort of funny at the same time.
Have you ever seen one that irked you or made you laugh? Or even convicted you?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Mini Horses are Awesome!

Today we drove out to Gallatin and got majorly lost thanks to our GPS. We did eventually make it to our destination- to the home of a couple-Sheryl and Danny. They have 3 miniature horses. Sweet Pea, Charlie Horse, and Boo Boo. Boo Boo is very unique. He is dwarf Miniature horse so he is EXTRA small. They talked with us about their ministry that I described in an earlier post and let us pet and feed the horses. They even offered for me to have Boo Boo sit on my lap. It was a little awkward as you can see in the photo but he just layed there until i finally asked if i should put him down.
Anyways, it was a very cool experience.
PS. Boo Boo snotted on my jeans and left a little poo their too when he was on my lap. :(

Friday, June 19, 2009

TV & Movies

I LOVE tv and I love watching movies even more. You probably don't want to go to a Redbox or video store with me because most likely i have already seen anything worth watching. As much as i like planting my rear on the couch with remote in hand I am more and more aware at what a waste of time it can be. How unfulfilling it truly is.

It's kind of a substitute for life. In keeping with the title of my Blog-a substitute for adventure. I mean if I actually did the things I have watched on tv I could have been to Antarctica, wrestled some alligators, fallen in love a million times (chick flicks are my fav!), etc. I actually have had the thought "I guess i don't need to actually go there because i can see what it's like while watching this." It's Lame and I am missing out!

I hope I can continue to search for adventures elsewhere (off the couch) and i hope you do too. Maybe we can do one together....or we could text while we are doing it separately.ha ha...


Thanks God for

Christians new job

My growing vegetable garden

For my hours being cut at work (more time to do home stuff and creative stuff)

For the house you have provided

For my family that now lives closer

For life's adventures good and bad


I love jewelry even though i don't wear much of it. I came across the new Tiffany Key necklaces the other day and have been dreaming of owning one ever since. When i actually looked at the prices i decided i could most definitely do with an impostor. I even went to an antique store to find my own skeleton key for a pendant but they didn't have any. :( So, i started looking else where...

Have you found yet? If you haven't you must go there! Anyone who makes anything homemade can sell their items on this website. The prices are for the most part amazing and you will find unique items for yourself and for others. My newest purchase from there is this antique skeleton key necklace made by the seller goodbyeantiques. It only cost 12.00 as appose to Tiffany's 250-2,000!

Mini Hearts

This weekend we are traveling to a miniature horse farm in Gallatin. I have always loved all things miniature since i was a kid and these animals really intrigue me. The owners of the farm have a ministry where they take the horses into hospitals, retirement homes, and schools for people and kids to love on and receive love from these animals. it's a sort of therapy i guess. They take volunteers to help get the animals ready before their outings and i am considering helping. Especially since my hours got cut back at work i have the time.

I love the idea of volunteering but am not always the best at following through. I once volunteered at a pet shelter that only took in puppies and kittens. I thought for sure it would be like heaven and it was more like H E double hockey sticks. The non stop yapping. The smell-you can't even imagine and the cleaning of cages all day long.

Do you have any positive or negative stories about volunteering?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am blogging...

I Love reading blogs and i figured why not create my own. Hope you enjoy my random postings.