Friday, June 19, 2009

Mini Hearts

This weekend we are traveling to a miniature horse farm in Gallatin. I have always loved all things miniature since i was a kid and these animals really intrigue me. The owners of the farm have a ministry where they take the horses into hospitals, retirement homes, and schools for people and kids to love on and receive love from these animals. it's a sort of therapy i guess. They take volunteers to help get the animals ready before their outings and i am considering helping. Especially since my hours got cut back at work i have the time.

I love the idea of volunteering but am not always the best at following through. I once volunteered at a pet shelter that only took in puppies and kittens. I thought for sure it would be like heaven and it was more like H E double hockey sticks. The non stop yapping. The smell-you can't even imagine and the cleaning of cages all day long.

Do you have any positive or negative stories about volunteering?


  1. Mini Horses! Ha.

    As you know, I'm not much of an animal lover, so I haven't done any volunteering concerning animals. Most of my volunteering has been at the Soup Kitchen. We went about once a month last year. Not as much this year, but some.

  2. i have done that once and it was a good experience. very humbling.