Friday, June 19, 2009


I love jewelry even though i don't wear much of it. I came across the new Tiffany Key necklaces the other day and have been dreaming of owning one ever since. When i actually looked at the prices i decided i could most definitely do with an impostor. I even went to an antique store to find my own skeleton key for a pendant but they didn't have any. :( So, i started looking else where...

Have you found yet? If you haven't you must go there! Anyone who makes anything homemade can sell their items on this website. The prices are for the most part amazing and you will find unique items for yourself and for others. My newest purchase from there is this antique skeleton key necklace made by the seller goodbyeantiques. It only cost 12.00 as appose to Tiffany's 250-2,000!

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