Friday, June 19, 2009

TV & Movies

I LOVE tv and I love watching movies even more. You probably don't want to go to a Redbox or video store with me because most likely i have already seen anything worth watching. As much as i like planting my rear on the couch with remote in hand I am more and more aware at what a waste of time it can be. How unfulfilling it truly is.

It's kind of a substitute for life. In keeping with the title of my Blog-a substitute for adventure. I mean if I actually did the things I have watched on tv I could have been to Antarctica, wrestled some alligators, fallen in love a million times (chick flicks are my fav!), etc. I actually have had the thought "I guess i don't need to actually go there because i can see what it's like while watching this." It's Lame and I am missing out!

I hope I can continue to search for adventures elsewhere (off the couch) and i hope you do too. Maybe we can do one together....or we could text while we are doing it separately.ha ha...

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