Sunday, January 23, 2011

Susan for Susan

My mom(Susan) asked me if I would make her a primitive looking doll to sit in her rustic rocking chair. She showed me a doll that she liked in a consignment shop and so I took the challenge on. There was one thing she asked though-the doll she showed me had a tag with the name Susan written on it . She said she wanted this doll to have that name as well. I created a leather name tag for the doll but it's not in the pictures.

I have never made a doll like this before. I did a little research on the net on how to make the material look aged. I bought some linen and dunked it into hot tea water. I let it soak for a few minutes and rinsed it clean. It did the trick although if I ever had to do it again I will leave it in longer. I rubbed some cinnamon into the fabric to make it look a little dirty and it makes it smell good too. The dress was made out of my husbands flannel bed pants he was getting rid of. I picked some twigs from my tree outside and made "hair".

I think it turned out really cute and my mom liked it too. I presented it to her in a box with a little story I had written for the doll.


  1. ADORABLE!! My mom makes primitive dolls (for a living) and one neat technique she always used was to dip the fabric in COFFEE instead of tea! It actually makes the fabric much darker. (if you're wanting for that look). What a cute and very primitive doll! Great job!