Saturday, September 1, 2012

School and Craft Stuff

So, I started school. Just two classes, but so far so good. I am really enjoying it. One of my classes is Psychology and I can already tell that I will love the class.

I haven't really been making many things lately. I felt like I needed a break. It's good that I did take the break because I now have a little burst of creative juice and I can't wait to make a few things. I was asked to make a few custom necklaces and just finished the first one today.
I also bought some resin to play around with. I went out and picked some wild flowers and leaves to dry and press. I plan on using them in some pendants with the resin. My husband bought me some copper pipe to cut up and turn into pendants (you pour the resin inside the pipe pieces). Yesterday I also made a sterling bezel to pour some resin into. I always love learning new stuff when it comes to jewelry. I will share my results with you soon.

Have a great rest of you weekend!

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