Sunday, September 30, 2012


It's Sunday afternoon and it's been such a nice day around here. I just got done making a key lime pie for our church group tonight and forgot that you actually have to bake it-it's now in the freezer in hopes it will cool down in time. It's always a bit nerve racking when you bring something for people to eat that you can't first test yourself.

I also just finished up a little necklace and doodle. My friend asked if I could come up with something about being "broken." Not broken hearted mind you. More like- the times in life where you find that you have absolutely nothing to give, nothing to offer, your sad or mad and you finally give up(I guess broken hearted would fit the description after all)-but in spite of it what comes out of it? It got me thinking about these times in my life and how some of the most beautiful things have been born out of these moments. Personal growth, more compassion for others, realizing that I am not ultimately in control (I like to believe I am, haha) and how freeing that really is.

PS. I have my first Psychology exam tomorrow! Yikes! I am a bit nervous.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

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