Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A New Shop

I am so excited. I spent hours working on a new Etsy shop that will hold only my metalwork. I will keep my current shop fara.daisy.jean open for all the other things I love to make. New shop is not officially open yet, but will be soon.

This somehow feels a bit freeing. I am someone who loves to make just about everything. I love learning and I love having a variety of crafts I can go to if I feel worn out on one particular one. It felt kind of wrong though to add far more expensive items among the stuff I am currently selling in my shop. Strange to have a completely handmade piece of jewelry right next to a cheap pair of earrings that were not made from scratch. It felt like two words colliding. I think this will work out well and I also think it will allow me to actually make some less expensive stuff and not feel like it doesn't work with the other things in my shop.

Here is my new Etsy banner that I made today. It could possibly change by the time I actually open the shop, but for now I like it.

PS. A sweet internet friend asked if I have given up leather work. I haven't at all. Actually I just made a tiny pouch the other day and have made a few custom things for people that never made it into my shop. I have to admit though-I really love working with metal and that will most likely be my main focus going forward. Also, the leather store is now about an hour away which makes it harder for me to get out there and buy supplies like I use to. Before we moved I lived about 10-15mins away and went there at least once a week.

PPS. Sometimes I cringe when I think about my blog. It's all about me which gets annoying. But, I guess most blogs are about the person behind it. If I was cool I would have a "Fashion Friday" or something like it, but somehow I doubt you would want to see me in my usual outfit of jeans, purple converse tennis shoes, and a random top. But, maybe I will try to work on making it less about me and more interesting. Hmmm...


  1. Congrats on the new shop! Your work has been really nice lately, keep up the good work!

  2. I love the new banner Lindsey...glad to see you are just separating your work and not giving up the leather work.

    Funny, I had a "blog" moment yesterday also and a member of my blog family wrote "Personally, I think your blog can just be what it is, what you are feeling, thinking, doing . . . . the good, the bad, whatever. And if you don't feel like writing - DON'T!" I Hope you don't mind me quoting you Janice but it made such good sense I wanted to pass it on. Best of luck Lindsey.

  3. I am so excited for you! I think you blog is just right. Don't change anything!