Saturday, June 23, 2012


I have been very neglectful of my Etsy shop lately. I haven't added hardly anything into it for awhile. I am playing around with the idea of totally changing it or keeping it ,but adding another shop for just my metal jewelry. Just not sure...

All I know is that I really love working with metal, but I also love leather, crochet, painting, embroidery, etc. It seems like it wouldn't be good to put that all in the same shop, but I have no clue. Also, I chose the name fara.daisy.jean for my shop because I had a dream one night that I should call it that(random right?). It's my 3 grandmother's names. It sounded sort of strange as a shop name, but I couldn't think of anything else and I felt too shy about having my own name in the title of the store.

Lots of time has passed and I believe I have finally found the creative medium that I want to stick with and grow in for the rest of my life (metal work) and am playing around with the idea of having a shop titled something like- Lindsey Griffith Artisan Jewelry. It feels a little scary to not hide behind a shop name or brand where people have no clue who really makes the stuff. Sometimes I wonder if my friends even know that the FB fan page for my etsy shop is actually connected to me. It feels scary, but really exciting too.

So, I hope to really sit down and work some of this stuff out next week.

side note:
My in laws are in town and I am feeling a bit ill and stayed home while they all went out. BUMMER! Shouldn't have had the $1.99 Chocolate Chip Frappe from McDonald's. Was a bit too much for this gut. Ewww....

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