Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beaded Bracelets

I just got done making a few custom beaded bracelets for a friend. I love getting these kinds of requests.
Here is a picture.
The "Deut 8" refers to Deuteronomy chapter 8 in the bible.

I love the little bird beads!

PS. Do you watch The Bachelorette? My husband jokes that it is trash and really it probably is, but I am enjoying this season with Emily. I am loving all the beaded bracelets and necklaces she is wearing on each episode. It's making me want to make some simple beaded bracelets for myself.


  1. are these for Sally?! love them! and don't worry, I'm watching the same trash you are and my husband says the same thing :) I'm loving this season!

    1. Yes, they are for Sally.
      Cheers to trash TV!