Sunday, August 23, 2009


We have some yucky brownish bananas and usually i just pitch them when they get to this state because i think over ripe B'a are nasty. however this time i remembered someone say how brownish B's are good for banana bread so i decided to make my first banana bread. It's in the oven right now and so far it is looking pretty normal. We will see though. I don't always trust myself when baking. After mixing ingredients i often question whether the sugar i put in may have been flour and vise versa. also, i have no idea how to bake without ending up with a kitchen that looks like it got caught in between a high school food fight. Lets just say it was a bit crazy looking. Thankfully my husband is taking a nap and won't see it in it's disaster state.

I know like 3 people read my blog but out of those 3 if you have a stellar recipe for B bread please share it with me. i just used one out of my Betty Crocker cook book. i am sure it will be good but all the recipes in there tend to be good but missing a wow factor. It's a good place to start though.

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