Friday, August 28, 2009


I have been thinking for a LONG time that I need to get back in shape. When I say back in shape I mean one time long ago when I was in 7th-9th grade I was active in basketball,swimming, and volleyball(not all at the same time-I was not that athletic). Now-I know I am an adult and the routines of life seem to keep one back from really finding the time or the endurance to make it to the gym or live an active lifestyle but I feel like it's time to stop the excuses and get on with it.

What I am realizing is that there are choices to be made when you are an adult. When I was in 7th grade I joined the basketball team and as a result I had to go to all of the practices. My mom would drop me off and I did it. It was like to some degree I didn't have a choice. It was fit into my schedule for me. Nowadays if I don't make the time I don't go and if I don't make the choice to stop eating ice cream and cupcakes everyday because it's not good for me I am bound to get some chunk. Which I have already but it's bound to get worse! and I don't think my clothes can handle worse!

So-I think today will be my day where I make the choice to choose health and eat less crap and be more active. Kind of like a New Year's resolution only not at the beginning of the year. If anyone reads this and wants to join me we can start a club (because everyone wants to be in a club,right?)or something. A walking club, a I promise to stop eating Gi Gi's Cupcakes club. whatever...

I am tempted to post one of those bad "before" shots so that I have something to compare myself to in hopefully a few months but I wouldn't do that to anyone and especially not myself.

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  1. ok so i kind of semi blew it already with a sonic peanutbutter milkshake after lunch but i am still determined.