Sunday, August 23, 2009

can you get any cooler...

I am a moderate No Doubt/Gwen Stafani lover but i just saw this pict. and said to myself "can you get any cooler?seriously."
This lady has got to be well into her 30's at this point with 2 kids and continues to look like a rock star. I can almost predict when i am in my 30's hopefully with a few kids i will be looking more like this.Oh Lord I hope I at least don't wear "mom jeans". Hahaha....


  1. ha! where the heck did you find this pix?
    seriously- looks like a jc penny ad from the 80's.

    and linds-- NO WAY will you look like that when you are in your 30's. no stinking way!

    ha. you soo crack me up girly.

  2. every time I see the Mom jeans thing, I think about you!! I just picture you laughing and laughing...I can sing it for you right now if you want... :)