Monday, August 17, 2009

hair cut

I still give occasional haircuts and I am thankful for the few I do a month. Sally is about to come over and she is by far one of my easiest clients to please. I do what i do and she always thinks it's awesome. I love those kind of people!

I quit working at the salon after i got married and i have never regretted it. One of the older stylists said "you're committing career suicide." I may have committed career suicide but what i really did was give myself the opportunity to try new things and learn more about myself. I loved hair school. It was like a long slumber party where we fixed each others hair and painted nails all day long(however i don't miss waxing men's backs and giving pedicures). I loved getting to do crazy punky color and cuts on friends but it's not like that at all when you get into the real world of working full time in a salon. I quickly realized i had gotten myself into a career that didn't suit my personality despite it fitting my skills.

I wrestled a long time with guilt. asking why God would give me skills for something but not a passion or desire to do that thing. I use to be scared that God would somehow force me into doing it again-yes-i disliked it that much. It makes me laugh to think that is how i felt because now that i know more about God i know that is not how he works.

There really is no real point to this post except to say that i have the time to post and this is what i am thinking about.

have a great evening!
PS-My friend Laura just had her 2nd baby and i am so excited for her.


  1. i totally remember when you were in beauty school and cut my hair as a project...although my hair was probably the WORST to practice on, because I realize now that even experienced stylists don't really know how to cut my hair...but you still did a fab job for being a newer beauty school student...i've always had the desire to go to beauty school, but then hair really grosses me out, so I would never be able to move past the mannequins (sp.?) :)

  2. ah thanks for celebrating with us Linds!
    i wish you could come and hold her... she is a lil dolly. blonder i think than sj was and a bit chubbier too. =)

    i wanted to tell you that when i was packing our bag for the hospitial, i went to wally world and bought some milano cookies to bring along. remember you brought us some while in the hospital with Sj? it was super special for us- we LOVE those cookies and it was fun to celebrate that way... so we did it again. i thought you with each yummy milano bite this time too!

    miss you linds.