Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nashville Flea Market

This weekend My mom and step dad visited us and we went to the Nashville Flea Market. I have been before and didn't find much but this time i came home with a few fun items. One is this dress thing in the picts above. I bought it from these two girls who kind of looked like the Olsen twins. They said they travel to India once a month to pick out fabrics for these kaftan dresses they design. They were selling them for way cheaper than they sell them on their website. I brought it home and though i think it's totally beautiful i am not really sure how to wear it. I almost wore it to church today and then decided maybe it was a bit much so i opted for jeans instead. Boring..I know.
There was also a booth selling Burt's Bees products for way cheap. I bought a face cleanser and a face scrub for 4 dollars each. You can't beat that!
Flea markets are fun as long as they don't actually sell fleas. If you haven't been to Nashville's you should check it out if you ever have the chance.

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