Saturday, March 17, 2012

Adventures in Silver-Smithing

I made this little pendant yesterday. It was a good learning experience because I encountered a bunch of problems. For someone who knows what they are doing I bet this would be a simple task, but unfortunately that isn't me....not yet anyways. Maybe someday-I hope so.

I am having trouble with bezel making. And... I didn't have the right height of bezel wire that would be appropriate for this stone. I tried to work with what I had and it's not the best. I first made a bezel that was too small and then made another that ended up being too big. I then cut and re-soldered the second bezel for a fit that is so so. Then I pulled my hair in dismay! Ha ha...well not really, but I felt like I would never get it right.

My second issue is that I have been punching holes with a Europunch and it's creating a mess that I don't know how to fix. I think I need to buy some small drill bits for my Foredom. Drilling holes-Is that what you are supposed to do?

Oh...and then there was trying to make a decent satin finish. Ugh...

Anyways, I am really enjoying working with silver and I can't wait to make something else. Maybe a ring will be next.

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  1. Yes! Small drill bits is what you need! After forming your bezel, if it's too tall I sand it on good old fashioned sand paper (before soldering to back plate) until the side walls are just barely higher than where the stone starts to curve in. practice makes perfect! I think you are off to a good start!