Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Craft Time turned Silly

This is a picture I took a few months back. My friend Mandy knowing how obsessed I am with crafts and making stuff asked if she could come over and we do some crafts together. I don't have many friends who enjoy this kind of thing so I was excited. We chose to buy a few t-shirts from the thrift store and rework them to turn them into something a little less frumpy and a little more fun. Mine ended up being a fringy eighties rocker sort of looking shirt (which I only wear to bed) and we also made some fabric dangly earrings(which she told me we should wear them to this social gathering the next day. I wore mine even though I thought they were kind of dumb and she didn't and then laughed at me because she said she was joking. darn her :)  . When we were done we were looking at all the scraps laying on the table and somehow decided we needed to wear them as blindfolds. It was a random moment but worthy of a picture I thought.

Getting older stinks sometimes because it seems like it's not proper to be silly and make yourself laugh till your stomach hurts and your eyes water. We have to be serious and responsible all the time or so it seems.

I hope in the new year I can be a little less serious and learn to laugh a little more at myself. Laughter is good for the soul right?

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