Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Tree

It seems like people put their trees up earlier and earlier every year. Most people I know had theirs up the day after Thanksgiving. We almost didn't put up a tree this year. I considered it and then gave in because it just sounded too depressing to think of Christmas rolling on by without any special attention. We have a fake one (i have never had a real one!) and it's quite cute-Thanks Big Lots. We are the only adults that i know who decorate our tree with our old childhood ornaments. Babies first Christmas, numerous ornaments that say "Chris" and a few strange slightly crusty looking random ones. It's not the most attractive looking Christmas tree but it certainly brings a lot of fun memories back. Right now there are only 3 presents under our tree. Hopefully it will fill up a bit more in the next week.

The more I live life the more the real Christmas story (not the one about Santa) touches my heart.I sat down the other day before I put our tree up and started reading in Luke chapter 21 and on. I have read and have heard others read that story so many times but this year it touched me in a way it hasn't in the past. This past year has been amazing and also probably one of the hardest for me. I have experienced great joy but also incredible sorrow. I am so thankful that God loves us the way He does. I could go on about how I feel about God but I won't. It's late and pondering on his love for us should keep your mind busy for awhile anyways.

Good night.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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