Monday, November 29, 2010

Swans and Cuffs

Today has been a really nice day despite the dreary weather. I worked on a custom request through Etsy. I love how people come up with ideas for new designs for my work. This kind lady asked for me to take elements from one cuff I had already made and sold and change out a part for a new idea.

I love how it turned out. See the picts below.The first one I took before I finished all the tooling to show what the leather looks like before I dye it. I think I like it better than my original design. :)

I also watched several youtube videos on different elements of leather work. I watched this one video from a guy who makes saddles and even though I will probably never go there with my work I was so amazed at how beautiful his work was. I wish I could remember the video that showed him because it was just really great. I will never "go there" because they require a crazy amount of time and techniques. I like projects that I can finish in at least a few sittings. Even a "sitting" with say-the cuff above- took me all morning. More like all morning and early afternoon.

I really love working with leather.......

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  1. love your swan!
    and merry christmas season to you my friend.
    wish we could have a pep. hot choc together.,,,,