Tuesday, November 9, 2010

sewing...by hand

I really enjoy reading this blog. A Japanese girl named Mai writes about her life as a new mother but most of all she writes about her crafts. She has an etsy store and sells hand sewn items. The fabrics she chooses are so cute and the little dolls, pouches, and other items she comes up with are equally as cute.

She showed how she made a little stuffed bunny and last night I attempted it. I haven't really hand sewn anything (except some leather stuff but it's a different kind of sewing to me) since I was young. It felt like it took forever to finish but in reality I think it was about 2 hours.It turned out pretty cute however the ears are just as long as the legs and it looks kind of strange. Oh well...it was fun.

Here is my little creation.I think I will name him Willis. I'm not sure why but it sounds fitting.

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