Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ministry/ Skate Video

From middle school till after high school I use to skateboard. I wasn't good at it. BUT-I had fun and I could at least ollie and do a kick flip..sort of.

I had a lot of friends who skated and bmx'd and even though I am probably too old to bring out my skateboard (I tried about 2 years ago and couldn't find another female adult to do it with) the love for it never went away. I enjoy watching the X games and skate videos when they are occasionally on tv.

Yesterday I was watching tv and because I don't have cable and only get one network channel with about a dozen Christian channels I started watching JC TV. They had what looked like a skate video on and so I watched it. They showed the usual tricks and had the same type of music running in the background but all of a sudden they interviewed this one skater-Brian Sumner- and he quoted some scripture and gave his personal testimony. Throughout the video they intermingled skate tricks and interviews with the skaters. I feel kind of embarrassed about this but I found myself getting emotional because the skate world that I encountered for so long had nothing to do with God. Actually it was quite the opposite. Kids often wore shirts with pentagrams and other evil pictures on them and were into drinking or drugs or both usually. They had little respect for authority figures or parents. I am not sure why the skate board culture is like that but for the most part it is...or was. To see these guys skating and praising God brought me to tears. It wasn't hokey or lame. It was powerful and moving and relevant to today. The testimonies of these guys blew me away.

Anyways, I encourage anyone who reads this who likes skating or knows some kid who does to watch this video,support their ministry. The video is called Foolishness and the website is

Check out this video

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  1. my brother was really into skating. i liked the long board skateboard myself but never could afford to buy one. i just borrowed other peoples. i could do zero tricks. i just liked riding in the parking lot of our church when we lived in Avon. it overlooked the sound. skating and watching the sun set was therapeutic. good times.