Thursday, January 28, 2010


I posted about how I am trying to plan out meals in advance so that grocery shopping is more efficient.. blah.. blah... blah.

Yesterday I spent a good 45 mins. to and hour looking for recipes and then carefully writing a grocery list. This wasn't just any grocery list. This list had categories such as Dairy, Produce, and even a Bath/Paper Goods section. This list was organized and easy to read. THIS LIST GOT LEFT BEHIND WITHOUT ME REALIZING IT! I was so peeved but somehow I think I managed to memorize it and in the end I think I did ok.

I bought myself my favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream to help my angst. It helped.


  1. ohhh total bummer!
    way to go with ben and j's!! what flave was it?

    i am doing a similar thing... each week a make a basic outline of lunches and dinners... then make my shopping list accordingly.
    then ONLY buy what's on my list.

    come Monday morning, our fridge is EMPTY and a bit pathetic looking.
    but i am saving money- woot woot!

    miss you linds

  2. I have done that so many times! Ben and Jerry's definitely helps. I have such a hard time sticking to my list whenever I do remember it..sigh