Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kitchen Tools

I got a stick blender(aka immersion blender) for Christmas as well as an awesome Kitchen Aid mixer. I haven't baked anything since I got the mixer mostly because baking involves sweets and I don't need any extra right now. I have however used my stick blender like 10 times in the past two days. I originally asked for it because I want to start making my own soap but I figured I would pull it out of the box since I don't have all the soap supplies I need yet. I have gone kind of crazy with it and have tried to find a reason to use it every time I cook. I made two kinds of soup-broccoli and then lentil soup. When I finished making the soup I took my handy tool and blended it a bit. The longer you do it the more blended it will become but I just did it enough to leave it a tiny bit chunky. I also made a fruit smoothie for breakfast and blended my spaghetti sauce with ground turkey in it. I never thought I would find the tool useful in the kitchen besides for making soap but this thing has proved me wrong.

Just thought I would share this because I don't even know anyone who has one...except me now. They are really not that expensive either. The one I have came from Target and is Kitchen Aid brand. It was about 50.00 but they also have cheaper versions down to like 10.00.

Happy Cooking!

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