Saturday, October 10, 2009

win some lose most of them

I for whatever reason I don't have much luck at winning in things. games, drawings, and radio station giveaways, oh..and now there seems to be people giving away things on their blogs all the time. Don't get any ideas here. I don't have anything exciting to give away unless you want an outdated magazine or a few bananas that probably are on their way to becoming banana bread(which by the way I found a really good recipe for,so maybe I could give you that if you want).
I guess I can't say that I have never won because in fact I did happen to win a coloring contest put on by Giant Eagle grocery store when I was younger. I think I won an Easter basket or a stuffed rabbit or something. I also won a drawing contest put on by the Lion's Club and they "honored" me at a banquet and used my picture in their yearly calendar. But other than those two times the only time I won something when I became an adult was when I was caller 7 or 10(I can't remember) on Lightening 100 radio station here in Nashville for some CD of some band who I had never heard of. I still was excited. I mean..I had won. However I never did get my prize. They told me I had to come to their building downtown to pick it up and I was like-well ok then. So I drove myself down there trying not to have a freak out-cause I hate driving in down town areas. I finally parked (had to pay for it mind you) and made my way into the building only to find that they had closed for the day. What! S0 I decided to come back one more time and guess what?!? they moved to a new location who knows where. I gave up. I mean all this for some band I had never heard of and no offense probably sounds like every other band in Nashville.
This brings me to current day. Well actually yesterday's current day..or something like that. My mom and I went to hear a woman speak and they had an ice breaker thing where there was a prize involved. There were these clues and you had to figure out what candy/chocolate they were talking about. For example-here is an easy one- she has long hair and prefers riding on horses nude. Godiva chocolate! Well The first couple were REALLY easy and I thought I had it made. I must know my candy I thought and then realized oh yes I know it too well hence the weight gain over the past few years. As the phrases kept coming they got way harder and I really only filled in a few more and gave up. I figured there was NO WAY I won..once again. At the end they asked "did anyone get more than 5,6,7,8,9 correct" and as I looked around I was the only one standing. VICTORY! and then they gave me a travel mug. Which I mean I totally needed. Who doesn't need another one right! It's nice and silver and pink which I usually don't like but am starting to appreciate. I am sure it will hold my hot beverages beautifully.
There really is no moral to this story except to say to those who feel like losers -You too could play a game and win. maybe. If you win U2 tickets or a new car I hope You will think of me and and give me a ride in your new car and take me to U2 with you.haha...........
No-seriously. Have you ever won anything really cool? I would Love to hear about it.

PS. One of my favorite blogs is called pioneer woman. Check it out here. This lady gives away some really great things like Kitchen Aid Mixers. I tried winning a few of those but as you can see I didn't win. But you might. And-her blog is really funny and has a bunch of great recipes with picture instructions.

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