Monday, October 12, 2009


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I have read a couple of Nicholas Sparks books. The first one I really enjoyed. I think it was called The Wedding (sequel to the Notebook I think). The second one I can't seem to remember the title. It was good but pretty predictable. Although I am making my way through The Rescue I find myself cringing with each new chapter. I am all for romantic stories and what not but I feel like all the woman characters in his books are all basically the same woman. Has anyone else ever thought this? It's like all the stories are exactly the same with a few minor changes- like the location (except for wait-they all seem to take place in a cozy little NC town), the eye and hair color of the woman (they always are very attractive but don't seem to know it), and the occupation of the love interest. In this book he is a fire fighter.

I don't want to knock Mr.Nicholas but he keeps banging out book after book and and I kind of wish he would slow it down and actually write a story that isn't so cliche. That is jut me though.

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