Friday, October 30, 2009


I love shopping around on Esty. Seeing handmade items really excites me for some reason. Maybe because I also like to create.

I picked up a very small sample of all natural soap from an Amish stand at the Nashville Flea Market awhile ago and loved it. It left my hands feeling so soft. I read up on natural soaps and how if you have sensitive or dry skin they really are the way to go. I love the convenience of shower gel and my little puff ,but I thought I would give the bar soap another try. The flea market only happens once a month so I decided to look on Etsy for some soap.

I was amazed at how many different people sell soap on there so I just picked one at random. I ordered a few items from this person. I bought one regular soap bar that smells like lemon, an orange smelling shampoo bar, and a charcoal facial soap bar(sounds weird but I am really liking it. and it's black which looks kind of cool). I loved everything I got although the shampoo bar wouldn't get all the pomade out of my hair so I used the rest as a regular bar of soap. When I used up all the soap I decided to try another brand for fun. I just received my package from this person on etsy the other day. I bought the 4 pack of soaps which ended up being cheaper than the other store. Anyways-so now I am obsessed with buying this kind of soap because my skin is not nearly as dry as usual and I love trying out new scents.

Actually I love my new soaps so much that I may try to make my own. My husband even made me a special soap mold so all I need now are all the ingredients.

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