Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Someone introduced me to Sara Groves several years ago and I haven't stopped listening to her since. This album especially speaks to me.
It was raining outside today and work was especially boring. I got in my car feeling a bit blue and found this cd under my seat. It's not really an upbeat album but it makes me feel peaceful and reminds me that God cares about me and my measly life.
If there was a sound track for my life it would be this.
What song or album really touches you?

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  1. There are SEVERAL songs/albums that touch me, and i just made an CD of songs that i got off itunes so i could combine some of them...
    first of all, I am absolutely, 100% obsessed with the album "Press On" by Selah. FANTASTIC. So much christian music is crazy-cheesy nowadays, and I feel like Selah consistently sings with passion and adoration for the Lord.
    Now, here are the songs I just put on my CD that I made:
    - Healing Waters - Michelle Tumes
    - Beyond the Sky - Fernando Ortega
    - Jesus, King of Angels - Fernando Ortega
    - Give me Jesus - Fernando Ortega
    - I will Rest in You - Jaci Velasquez
    - The Valley Song - Jars of Clay
    - He Will Carry Me - Mark Schultz
    - River God - Nichole Nordeman
    - Anyway - Nichole Nordeman (I can see you really liking the lyrics to this song)
    - Breathe - Sixpence None the Richer

    There are also several more out there i'm sure that i love, as i am also a fan of some rich mullins and plumb tunes... but these are my top ones right now! :)