Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Country

My grandma lives in a town where I would say is in the middle of no where in WV-see above picture. It is absolutely beautiful out there and hasn't changed a bit for as long as I can remember. When she was younger she use to run a dairy farm with my grandpa on the land.

The thought of living out in the country always sounded like a horrible idea to me. Being so far from stores and people and having nothing to do. My cousin often teased me calling me city girl. I really wasn't-more of a suburb kind of girl but compared to him I always felt like I might as well grown up an alien considering our differences. He spent his free time playing out in pastures and I spent mine at the nearest mall or movie theater.

Now that I am older something has changed and continues to change in me. I now see why my grandma lives out there. Why she even likes it and prefers it to a different way of life. The peace and quiet. The beauty of the rolling hills and babbling creek across the road. The fresh air. The wild flowers that grow in the fields. She sits out on her porch for hours a day just admiring the landscape and sipping iced tea.

Country living is not for everyone but honestly I hope I get to experience it someday. I would love to have a large garden and a chicken coop for fresh eggs. Working hard outside and resting and admiring nature. I would love to raise kids in an environment where tv isn't the entertainment of choice but building forts and catching butterflies is. Growing my own vegetables and herbs and simplifying life. A girl can dream I guess right?

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