Friday, July 31, 2009

Amazima Ministries International

I checked Facebook this morning and noticed someone posted this website as one of their favorites. While checking it out I came across another blog for a girl named Katie who started Amazima Ministries International. She is originally from Brentwood,TN which is where I work. I couldn't stop reading her blog! I am completely amazed at her wisdom and her desire to follow God and do such huge things at such a young age. I mean the girl has adopted 10-12 African kids to raise on her own and she is like 21 or 22! Not only that but she runs the ministry that feeds and provides education for over 300 kids in Uganda!

I can't help but to see what she does and take a long hard look at my own life. Comparing is not good but sometimes I think it can be helpful. I know God has a plan specifically for me and my life and it may not involve feeding hundreds of kids or adopting 12 children but I am reminded that there is a plan and that I need to seek him daily for guidance.

If you have a chance check out her blog and read about what she is doing.

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