Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Package!

I am so excited! I just opened the mail and a little package that I have patiently been waiting for arrived today!

I have long admired the work of Jillian from The Noisy Plume. Her jewelry is AMAZING! Her photography on her blog is so beautiful and so are the words that she writes. She is just one talented lady I must say!

I don't really wear much jewelry on a daily basis. Actually, most days I wear nothing other than my wedding band, but I definitely swoon every time I see her come up with a new ring or necklace. The problem for me (and probably a lot of other people who want to own a small piece of her work) is that almost as soon as she lists something in her Etsy shop it is sold. I am not kidding around here either. The second problem I have is that I don't often have much extra money to spend on fun things like this. But...thanks to Christmas and thanks to a miracle I just happened to look in her shop the other day and there were a few things that had yet to be snatched up. I thought "this is my chance!" As I sat there thinking whether or not I should take the plunge the item I was looking at sold in that instant. There was one necklace left like it and I quickly clicked the button to purchase it.
It just arrived today and here is my little package!

I love the thoughtful packaging and the little extras. She included a tea bag along with two of her post cards that feature her photography and a nice little note written on one of them. I also love the jewelry box.
This necklace is called The Eager Thaw necklace. It's a sterling silver casted twig off her lilac tree.

I think what I love about buying handmade items directly from the artists is that you aren't just buying an item. you are buying an item with a personal history behind it. It wasn't something made in China in a huge factory where thousands are being mass produced. You are buying an item that one person put their time, creative abilities, and energy into- hoping someone will find it just as beautiful as they do.

Is there a handmade piece that you cherish or were really excited to buy?

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