Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A New Skill

I have wanted to learn how to make silver jewelry for years, but when it came down to it the classes were too expensive and that is when I got into leather work. I taught myself from online videos and books and the tools were affordable for me at the time. You can do a lot with very little investment from the start. However silversmithing is a whole other ball game. You really need a lot of tools to even get yourself started at home. Many of the tools are inexpensive but there are so many necessary ones that it all adds up fast. Not to mention you need a torch and a decent one isn't cheap. ohh and a rock tumbler and a crock pot for your pickle and so on and so on...

After doing the leather work for a little over a year the excitement to make my own jewelry never went away and so I started looking into classes again. There is only one woman who teaches around here which I was totally surprised considering I live near Nashville which is full of creative people. I signed up for the class and at this point have only one more class to complete.

My teacher's name is Nancie and she is amazing. She is so sweet and so knowledgeable. My first project was to make a simple link bracelet. I had to form, cut, and solder this piece. It's not necessarily what I would call my style but I think it turned out nice. My  filing skills need some work, but I am sure that all comes with practice. It was a great first project to get me comfortable using the torch and soldering. Here are a few picts I just snapped.

The next thing I started making is a large brass cuff. Nancie allowed me to take home a huge sheet of the brass metal and let me come up with my own design. I can't wait for you to see it! I love how it is turning out. It's mostly done, but still needs to be polished up. I am grateful that she is having me play around with different types of metals. Brass and copper are a whole lot more inexpensive than silver and are considered not as nice by some, but I  love the warmth of these metals. After the cuff is finished I start a ring.

It's been a blast and I will slowly collect the tools so I can work on stuff from home. Can't wait for that day!

On another note-
I have been dealing with insurance junk from my accident yesterday (see previous post). I can't wait for this all to be over with. My neck is super duper sore today, but I am thankful I am ok. I find it so interesting that the seat belt gave me this welt. It's weird, but I will share it with you.
Alright-Have an awesome day!

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