Sunday, June 19, 2011


This past Friday I decided to go hiking. I had heard about this trail from a friend and was so excited to see it for myself.

I packed myself a lunch and wore my bathing suit because at the end of this trail is a waterfall. I wasn't sure if it was something I could swim in but just in case I wanted to be prepared.

Here are some picts from my lone adventure.

As I was walking out I even saw 3 armadillos scavenging for food. And then... as I kept walking I came across this guy

He didn't look that nice when I found him. He was COVERED in ticks and was quite dirty. Even though he had a collar he had no id tags and as there wasn't anyone around I knew he was lost. I just couldn't leave him. He was so sweet. I very slowly tricked him back to my car with a ham sandwich and right away stopped at the vet for a good bath and some meds. I have had him for about 3 days now and he is the best dog ever. So laid back and always wants to be petted. We hope to find him a great home although I am tempted to keep him...but I don't think I should...or maybe I could...oh I don't know.

On a side note-I also saw Super 8 this weekend. It was really fun. I recommend it.


  1. Those are awesome pictures. What does Gracie think of your new house guest?

  2. she actually doesn't seem to mind him one bit.