Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Yesterday I pulled a plain wooden bangle out and just squirted out all kinds of colors on my pallet and just started to paint. I didn't really know what would come, but with Spring on my mind I started this landscape scene.

I don't consider myself a very good artist anymore, but it's something I want to focus more time on. On a recent trip to Knoxville to visit my mom and step dad my mom took me to this awesome book store where I found 4 books on drawing in the free bin. I use to draw all the time, but somehow getting older and going through the motions of life I have lost the passion I once had. Getting out my paints yesterday with no plan was somewhat freeing. I didn't really care what the end result would be. I wanted to give myself the freedom to just create and if it ends up ugly it was still worth the effort. I have met a lot of artists, many my friends, and I have noticed how hard it is for the artist to see the value in their own work. It's so easy to look at someone elses work you admire and wish you were "as good" as them. I am learning in this season of life to try and appreciate the talents and skills I do have and not try to worry about the what ifs and could haves. Art should be an outlet where you walk away inspired and refreshed. A little bit more connected with yourself. I need to remind myself that.

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