Saturday, March 19, 2011


I haven't really collected anything since I was probably 10. I had a real nice nerdy stamp collection back then. My step mom collected Madame Alexander dolls and when I was younger she would buy me them for my birthday and Christmas. Doll collecting was never my thing (I did love playing with Barbies though but it's not the same) and although I appreciated the gifts I never really loved the dolls like she did. I would bring them home and leave them in their boxes in storage. One time my mom decided to display them, but I never really cared about them much.

Fast forward many many years. I am a grown woman (29!) and all of a sudden have the desire to start collecting DOLLS of all things. A while back I heard about Blythe dolls.
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I would come across photos in Flickr and even on Etsy. I thought they were so unusual looking. Huge heads and big eyes. They look a little off and also a little sad or mischievous. I sort of wanted one and I am not even sure why. I wasn't going to "play" with it. After doing a bit more research I found that there are other dolls with similar qualities and that is when I found Pullip dolls. I just had to have one! I found a website that sells them and I still was holding onto birthday money that I didn't know what to do with so I bought one. I kind of can't believe I bought a doll and also an expensive one. I pretty much never buy anything this expensive.She arrived in the mail today and she is so fun. SOOOO well made. Here are a few pictures.

Pullips have eyes that open and close and move side to side. There is a mechanism on the back of their head that allows you control them. You can also replace their eyes and hair to give them a different look.

It was hard to choose just one because they are all so cute and unique. This is what makes me think I might start collecting them. The company that makes these also makes a doll called Dal. It is slightly smaller with a different type of face.
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They even make miniature less expensive versions of these dolls called Little Pullip and Little Dal. Here is on of my favorite Little Dals.

(Picture from here)

Starting to collect something has got me wondering what other people collect. Do you collect anything???

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  1. I'm not a fan of dolls, personally. They creep me out, haha. I really don't like the Blythe dolls, but those other two are okay. I think the Pullips are the least creepy of the three. :)

    Have you seen the Nikki cat dolls? Catsparella did a post about them recently.