Saturday, March 5, 2011

Doll Necklace

I made a few of these doll necklaces to give to my nieces as presents for Christmas. A sweet friend also asked for one for her daughter. She sent me a picture of her daughter so that I could make the doll look similar. Here is the doll I made for her.

 After my friend received it she posted pictures of it on Facebook and now a few of her friends want dolls for their daughters! I had two orders to work on this morning and I really enjoyed trying to get the dolls clothing to look like the clothing in the pictures. I also love painting the hair. Here is a picture of one of the dolls I painted this morning. I wish I could show you the little girl's photo so you could judge whether or not I did a good job of replicating her. Maybe I can ask if I can use the photo for my blog and show you all another time.

I won't be selling these dolls in my etsy shop but if you are interested in one let me know. They are 20 a piece and if you don't live close by I can mail it for an extra 2 dollars.

Have a happy Saturday!

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