Thursday, March 24, 2011


I have been holding on to a particular antique spoon for awhile now. It was the only one I found that had this pretty scalloped shape and had a reasonable price (who knew antique spoons could be so expensive?!?). I think they are called jelly spoons, but I could be wrong.

I decided to turn it into a pendant. The funny thing is that I actually really messed up on this, but my mistake made it much cuter in the end. I thought I had a "w" stamp in my hand when in fact I had a "L". I was so devastated because I thought I ruined it for sure. After looking at it closer I decided I could creatively turn my one L into a bunch of L's going in a circle forming a flower or spark type shape. I think it turned out cute and it saved me from pitching it into the garbage.

I stamped the words "it is well with my soul" onto the metal after I flattened it a bit. Have you ever read about the author of this hymn? You can read about him and the inspiration for this song here. It's hard to believe he wrote these words following the tragedy in his life. I am inspired...

Is all well with your soul????

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