Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shop Update

I know I haven't posted in a LONG while! Does anyone even still read this???
In case there is someone out there that does-here are a few new items I just added to my store. I have a bunch more that need to be added. Those should be coming soon so check back.

I may be selling a few items this Saturday at a craft show. I am signed up for another November 13th and am thinking about doing one in December too. When I get more details I will share them here. Come see me if you are close by. I have a lot of things that will probably never make it in to my shop but will be for sale at the craft shows. Lots of unique earrings and crocheted items as well.


  1. i read your blog! and i love that music takes you back-- i have some old cds that i play all the time for that very reason! laura g

  2. lindsey, i love that necklace!! i want to buy it!! maybe for christmas!! i'll tell brent. keep up the good work!